Share Your Life Privately

With just the people you want. No
tracking, no ads and always free

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Share everything about your family
with just the people you want. No one
else can see or share your updates.

Worship your fur babies

Who’s a good boy!? We can’t get
enough. Build a thread with friends
who love’em just as much as you do.

Connect with your class

Start by building your own community.
Connect directly with all the people in
the groups you belong to.

Build a cookie empire

Don’t keep it a secret. Talk about
your big ideas. Be supported by
people who really matter to you.

Your Threads Are
Truly Private

Your content is only visible
to the people in your thread.
And when you leave, your
content leaves too.

No Ads. No Data

We don’t sell your personal
data or clutter your experience
with ads and content from
people you don’t know.

Free and
Easy to Use

True is free to use, and you never have to pay wih your privacy.
Thoughtful controls. Creative
tools. No catch.

With True, I’m comfortable sharing personal experiences and details of my life without feeling like everyone can see. It’s a safe and private space for me to share my life.
Laura C.
I like the feedback I get on True - it’s more encouraging and rewarding.
I don’t have to curate content, try and beat an algorithm, or think about how many likes I’ll get. I just post.
Maren B.
I like to use Threads to share experiences with my specific
friend’s groups based on interests.
It keeps my conversations
relevant and organized.
Adam C.