What’s your story?

True was founded in Mill Valley. It’s a lovely little mountain town in northern California filled with giant redwoods, beautiful valleys and neighbors who look after each other.

It’s this real-life Happy Valley that inspired us to build a company that gets back to things that matter. Real friends and real life without commercial interruption.

It’s the quality of our relationships, not the quantity, that make us happier. It’s the joy of making new friends and connecting with old ones that strengthen our sense of community.

Somehow, in a rush for growth and profit, these feelings have been lost. Social today no longer feels like a Happy Valley, it’s more like we’re all living in a big creepy commercial.

Big social companies are in the middle of our relationships. They’re taking our best intentions and selling them to the highest bidder.

Well, we’re just not going to do that anymore.

Why should I trust you guys?

There’s a lot of talk about privacy. Every few weeks, another big company gets caught in a new scandal. But there is never anything really done about it and we go on accepting the problem.

The crazy thing is, this is never going to stop. As long as these companies make money by selling our personal information, they will find ever more devious ways to collect it.

But we never signed up for this. We didn’t post our lives, families and personal relationships for sale. We did not agree to let these companies make money from being in the middle of our friendships.

We believe you should be free to share your life without big brands competing for your attention. You should own your information and decide what you want to do with it. 3rd parties should never have access to your data. You should not be the product.

We believe your privacy matters. We take it into consideration with every decision we make. You should believe we respect your privacy and trust we’ll do the right thing with your information.

What’s different about it?

We just don’t think you can be yourself in a world of perfect pictures awash in a sea of influencers. Old-school social is for blasting your life to people you don’t really know, measured by standards you will never achieve.

So we’ve built a new kind of threaded sharing that is private by default. Until now, no one has tried this before. It gives you control over things you want to share and who you want to share them with.

By combining beautiful, edge-to-edge storytelling with private messaging, it’s the best of both worlds.

What do we all love? Updates from real friends. But original thoughts and stories have gone missing in big social.

Sadly, most content today is created by companies with an agenda. We share an endless stream of news and ideas pushed by these companies and no longer share our real lives.

So we built a platform that only allows original content. There are no outside links or political arguments here. You come to True to see real updates from friends. Content they created themselves, not clickbait designed to hold your attention and manipulate opinion.

True lets you… be you. Real sharing from real friends, we’re making social a safe, happy place again.

How are you going to pay for all this?

You want and expect a high-quality experience. But it’s just not possible anymore for 3 guys in a garage to build that kind of product for you.

It takes great people to build great software and we think you understand it’s going to take time and money to compete with the most successful companies in the world.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t believe in surveillance capitalism. We think it’s wrong to spy on you for money. We don’t think social businesses should be in the middle of our friendships.

But, we gotta pay for this or it’s not going to work. Social needs a new kind of business model that doesn’t conflict with privacy.

We think the most honest way to do that is for you to decide yourself how you want to pay. With True, you can opt-out completely from all ads by paying a small subscription, or opt-in to see advertising and be paid in exchange for the data we use for that advertising.

By opting-in and telling us what kinds of ads you want to see, we pay a split of revenue directly to you.

It’s clearly up to you to decide how you want to pay for the service and we can afford to give you the rich experience you deserve.

We think this is an honest way to get real value for your information while staying true to our privacy model - we don’t own or sell your data, you do.

Much more on the way.
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